Become A Better Person, pt. 2: “Manhattan”

Yes, I know, I am too generous. And I’m aware of the fact that I’m probably spoiling you by giving you so much on a single day! But let me say this: don’t get used to it. Because I won’t either…
All right, I’ll cut to the chase: to open up your hearts, minds and souls even further after the awe-inspiring treats the final scene of Fellini’s La Dolce Vita gave us earlier, I will now ask you to pay attention to one of the most heavenly ópening scenes in film history. At least in American film history.
Let me give you the fabulous, romanticized, dreamlike, haunting and unexplainably beautiful first scene of Woody Allen’s masterpiece Manhattan (1979).
(And for the attentive reader: yes, this weblog’s name derives indeed from a scene in this movie. Thank you for pointing that out to me. Again. Er, enjoy.)


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One response to “Become A Better Person, pt. 2: “Manhattan”

  1. Dude! Nice:D
    Maar vergeet deze niet;)

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