Become A Better Person, pt. 2b: “Manhattan” (again)

Hi. Here I am again.
In response to the first episode of “Become A Better Person, pt. 2”, Wander pointed out – and rightly so – the amazing, to the same extent awe-inspiring interior monologue of Woody Allen’s character Isaac Davis, somewhere near the end of the movie Manhattan (1979). And if one really does want to become a truly better person, one should be able to answer the question “Why Is Life Worth Living?” with the same wonder, attention to detail, and joie de vivre as our Woody.
Be inspired.

And we’ll immediately carry on:
Just watch the ending of Manhattan (or, in case you still haven’t seen it: go rent it!), one of the most amazing endings in film history. I simply cannot put in words how this scene affects me. It’s unbelievably great. A must-see – and it keeps getting better and better, every time you watch it again.


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