Become A Better Person, pt. 3: The long take

After I’d seen the riveting British film Atonement (last year’s Golden Globe winner for Best Picture) earlier this morning, I decided that the long take is one of the most astonishing, accomplished and amazing features film cinematography has to offer. That is why I’d like to introduce you (in case you have been pityfully kept off of films like the following) to some of the most unforgettable long takes in cinema history. Enjoy. (And really, I don’t ask for something in return. I know I’m becoming Robin Williams in Dead Poets Society.)

The legendary and unbelievable – opening scene from Welles’ Touch of Evil (1958):

Opening scene from Altman’s great satirical comedy The Player (1992)*:

Opening scene from film lover P.T. Anderson’s Boogie Nights (1997)*:

Famous Dunkirk scene from Wright’s Atonement (2007):

(* Evidently, both long takes have been inspired to a great extent by Touch of Evil‘s opening scene.)


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