First international success for “Het perron” (“The Platform”)!

Following the unexpected first official acknowledgement for my potential film talent – the jury prize at the Off Screen Film Festival for my short film Het perron (The Platform), I just recently found myself pleasantly treated by the news of study society Off Screen’s chair woman Roos Floris.

Without me knowing it, the study society took my short film along with them on a trip to Budapest, Hungary. There they apparently showed it at Shínház Academy for Drama and Film in Budapest, in the presence of a delegation of film students. (Note: this Academy trained, among others, Vilmos Zsigmond – Academy Award winner for his cinematography of Close Encounters of the Third Kind – and László Kovács, cinematographer of a.o. Easy Rider.)

The amazing news is that they actually liked it! My short film was praised by the Hungarian film students for “the simplicity and therefore strength of the story, the visual accuracy and flair that shaped and moulded this story, and the emotional and personal touch that lies at the center of the film”. Everyone was eager to meet the director, Roos Floris told me – but, of course, I wasn’t there…

Nonetheless, I feel extremely proud of this international acknowledgement for my film activities! It is an extra push to further develop my possible film talent. Thank you, Hungary!


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