New short film: “La Ruée” (“The Rush”)

Get your Oscars and Globes ready, people!

I just finished a new short film, which I had to make as an assignment for one of the courses at Media Studies in Amsterdam. La Ruée, which is French for The Rush, is a photographic novella inspired by on the one hand the recent assault on the Dutch Royal family in Apeldoorn, and on the other hand the aesthetics of Chris Marker’s La Jetée (The Pier) of 1962.

Let me know what you think!

Other news:

With this short film, I established the new name for the production label under which I publish all the films I’ll make from now on. First, this label was called “Smilo New Movie Entertainment”. After that, it was called “Passage Films” (this label still opens some short films I made, among others One, Two, Three – see my Portfolio). Now, my production label is called: Asa Nisi Masa Films. The name derives from a quote from Federico Fellini’s Otto e mezzo (81/2, 1963). The logo of the label is formed by large glasses, an homage to my other favorite director, Woody Allen. (And of course I have these glasses myself :D).

The one and only Asa Nisi Masa Glasses :)

The one and only Asa Nisi Masa Glasses :)


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