A Philosophical, Yet Poetic Moment

What is life but an endless line of questions
some of which are answered,
most of which are not
And how brutal can an answer be
when one asks:
“Is this really the end?”
for the answer cannot be rejected,
nor argued,
nor shared.


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One response to “A Philosophical, Yet Poetic Moment

  1. me

    the people became so fulfilled with themselves,
    thought of themselves as if they were God
    Then God tapped them on the fingers,
    and said, no dear, no, you are not!
    you are asking all these questions,
    the answers, in this life, you will never know
    but I wil give you Hope and strenght,
    and carry you the way you’ll go

    with your gifted mind, don’t be sad becasue you can’t figure it out!
    you are just looking (wrong) for the (wrong) answers, that’s what this is all about… *

    well i’m not quite finished, but this just popped into my mind when i read your post! (therefore the **’s)

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