The Chalkboard Weekly! [vol. 1, no. 1]

I have surely stopped my participation in what some would call social snacking, but I’ve convinced myself of the urgency to arrange my thoughts and learnings in time. That is why I will, from this day on, publish at the end of every week the so-called Chalkboard Weekly, a simple but remarkably effective lay-out to shape and communicate the ten most important things, discoveries and facts I have to remember after the past week. So, lo and behold, for thou shalt witness the first publication of my scrawls in chalk (and yes, in the Windsor font, which is used by a particular Brooklyn director whom I fervently admire…). Be Enlightened.

TCW - 26 juli 2009



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4 responses to “The Chalkboard Weekly! [vol. 1, no. 1]

  1. shirley

    I totally agree with #2!!

  2. D. Srevnets

    @ #7:

    Last month, while I was a witness to recordings of Doctor Who (now thát means a lot to me), a Welshman “could’t have told” I’m a seventeen year old Dutchman. He thought I was about 22. He thought I was Scottish.

  3. Marloes

    Hihi, toen ik met toeristen werkte vond ik Duitsers ook het vervelendst!

  4. @ Derk: ik kan eventueel het script nog omschrijven, zeg dat er plots in een familiereünietje een 22-jarige Schot in kilt binnengelopen komt? ;)

    @ Marloes: ja, het is een universele waarheid, denk ik. :)

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