“We missed The Beatles, but Lennon missed COLDPLAY!”

The world's best pop band of the 21st century: COLDPLAY.

The world's best pop band of the 21st century: COLDPLAY.

That was just the way it was

And nothing could be better

– oh, nothing ever was

(Coldplay, Glass of Water)

Last night’s Coldplay concert in Nijmegen, Holland proved to be one fuckin’ legendary event. With the weather gods amazingly on their side, the four Brits managed to shake the trees surrounding the beautiful, Pinkpop-like open area called the Goffertpark. On 9/9/09, at 9 PM, the world’s best pop formation of the 21st century created two unforgettable hours, with an amazing set list and an array of spectacular advantages and features: a brilliant, unparalleled sound quality, dashing performances by Berryman/Buckland/Champion/Martin, and a wonderful mix of thrilling songs (Viva La Vida, Glass of Water, Clocks, Violet Hill, Life in Technicolor, etc.), great classic ballads (Trouble, Yellow, The Scientist) and a lot of truly inspired moments of musical virtuosity (Postcards from Far Away, The Hardest Part, Fix You, 42, Strawberry Swing, Death and All His Friends). Even the late MJ became part of the evening, by means of an acoustic rendition of Billie Jean. Though that act shall not be remembered as the night’s greatest part, the concert as a whole formed an amazing experience, proving that Coldplay concerts belong to the category Beatles/Stones/U2. Frickin’ amazing, thrilling, riveting, moving, energetic, optimistic, warm, unique, soulful, powerful – well, exactly the kind of thing positive adjectives are made up for.

Thank you so much, guys!

[By the way: this post’s title derives from a text message by Wander, talented musician, great (though sometimes corny) A.D., and hyperneurotic Coldplay fanatic ;)]


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One response to ““We missed The Beatles, but Lennon missed COLDPLAY!”

  1. En nog de setlist van woensdag 9 september!

    Deel 1 op hoofdpodium:
    1. Life In Technicolor
    2. Violet Hill
    3. Clocks
    4. In My Place
    5. Yellow
    6. Glass of Water
    7. Cemeteries of London
    8. 42
    9. Fix You
    10. Strawberry Swing

    B-stage on catwalk:
    11. God Put A Smile Upon Your Face (techno remix)
    12. Talk (techno remix; het enige mindere momentje)
    13. The Hardest Part (akoestisch, Chris Martin solo op piano; fantástische versie!)
    14. Postcards From Far Away (Martin solo op piano, natuurlijk)

    Deel 2 op hoofdpodium:
    15. Viva La Vida (hierna ligt Chris Martin halfdood op het podium, terwijl het publiek nog ooh-woo-ooht; plots maakt hij een koprol achterover en start met een knal nummer 16!)
    16. Lost!

    C-stage in crowd:
    17. Trouble
    18. Death Will Never Conquer (gezongen door mister William Champion :p)
    19. Rhyming Song
    20. Billie Jean (Michael Jackson-cover met gitaren!)

    21. Viva La Vida

    Deel 3 op hoofdpodium:
    22. Politik
    23. Lovers In Japan
    24. Death And All His Friends

    25. The Scientist
    26. Life In Technicolor II

    27. The Escapist

    Het was zeer fijn :D

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