Which of this Fall’s releases excites you the most?



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4 responses to “Which of this Fall’s releases excites you the most?

  1. “Bright Star”, though it is actually impossible to pick just one… I’m equally curious about “Shutter Island”, “The Limits of Control”, and “Moon”, though.

    And I have to admit I’ve already seen a couple of the aforementioned:
    – “(500) Days of Summer”: four out of four stars;
    – “Antichrist”: one-and-a-half out of four stars;
    – “Whatever Works”: three out of four stars.

    What are your picks, chaps?

  2. D. Stenvers

    Having already seen Moon, I just have to pick (500) Days of Summer.

    Oh, and Moon is brilliant, by the way. Great performance by Sam Rockwell.

  3. Erwin

    ‘Shutter Island’ for sure!

    ‘Bright Star’ was good, quite good actually, but not brilliant.

    ‘The Limits of Control’ will blow you away though. :)

  4. WorldbyMix

    You know, I’m actually really curious about ‘The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus’, but that one isn’t released until the 11th of February in the Netherlands. I’m so happy to be in the UK right now ^^

    I entered ‘Moon’ for the poll, though. It sounds really great.

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