“We can walk to the curb from here.”

A Fellini Movie - "Annie Hall"


As yours truly’s life seems to become more and more NYC-focused, it was only a matter of time for Like The Cast Of A Fellini Movie to transform to an Anglophone weblog. I have to accentuate strongly the incompleteness of this transition, for I will keep on posting Dutch articles and features from time to time. Nevertheless, it seemed only logical to shift focus to the English-speaking world.

But what am I drivelling about? I have to introduce this blog to new readers, that’s what this post’s meant for.

So welcome, dear reader!

Welcome to this digital microcosmos of film references, intellectual scribbles (and also very quasi-intellectual ones), poetic inspiredness, cinephilia, love for details, linguistic experiments, synecdoches and Droste effects, and, above all, a word that describes who I am, what I want, what I care for, and what this blog’s meant to express:


Well, I think my point’s come across by now :)

In short, A Fellini Movie or AFM is an elaborate archive of a film student’s thoughts on film, theatre, arts and media. A bi- and even multilingual affair, but mainly focused on English speaking fellows. Which is due, I have to admit, to my concrete plans of doing a M.F.A. in Film at either Columbia or NYU next year (and the years after that). Quite exciting, don’t you think?

I’ll stop wasting your time and let you go through the ever-expanding jungle of textual and audiovisual expression, interwoven with streams of consciousness (wow, don’t you just love that South-American metaphor?).

See you around!

All best,


P.S. En natuurlijk vergeet ik mijn Hollandsche vrinden en lezers ook niet. Welkom, en tot snel!



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2 responses to ““We can walk to the curb from here.”

  1. I just started reading your blog (actually found out about it because you’re one of my neighbors on Lastfm!). Love your music and movie taste and I’m very glad you’ll be writing more in English (not that Dutch isn’t awesome). Keep it up :)

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