The Cast

This is me.

And why Like The Cast Of A Fellini Movie?

Because it connects two film directors whom I’m both very fond of: Woody Allen and Federico Fellini. In what respect? Please take notice of the following movie quote, deriving from Woody’s film Manhattan (1979):

Isaac Davis: “It’s an interesting group of people, your friends are.”
Mary Wilke: “I know.”
Isaac Davis: “Like the cast of a Fellini movie.


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For the Dutch-speaking chaps among you:

Interview met Jordi Wijnalda in het Haarlems Dagblad (20 maart 2009)

Interview with Jordi Wijnalda in the Haarlem Daily Paper (March 20, 2009)



And yeah, I like wordclouds (thanks to



  • I don’t like to receive static shocks from metal door grips and my dish washer.
  • There’s a difference between “it’s so and so” and “I find it so and so” – quot homines, tot sententiae!
  • When you’re in a movie theatre, watch closely for the message: “Send us a text message if someone’s texting and it bothers you”.
  • The dubbing of movies – WHY, people, why?!
  • I like conspiracy theories. But I do not necessarily believe them.
  • I like even numbers.
  • I can watch the stars for hours.
  • Where would I be without a bike?
  • I hate to wear a tie. I have to compensate it by wearing silly underwear. (Really.)
  • The United States are fascinating. Which is not only a compliment.
  • Someone has convinced me that rolls of toilet paper should be hanged with the loose strap of paper away from the wall. Okay.
  • It’s a good thing to be a little autistic.
  • I hate it when people go: “Ooh, that’s a brilliant movie, especially if you’re high on drugs“. Come on, dushbag. That’s NOT what a movie’s made for.
  • I really like foamy soap. :)
  • I love weird and long words in all languages.
  • I hate escalators and elevators. Both of them.
  • I have probably more neuroses than the aforementioned. I will update this list as we go along :)


This Is Who I Once Was…

I was 5 or 6, I guess. Alone on the swing, but not lonely, of course :)


One response to “The Cast

  1. Hi Jordi,
    I’m working on a special project concerning 8 1/2. I noticed on Roger Eberts blog that you said you like the way Fellini fractured the 4th wall (or something like that).
    Other than 8 1/2, in which other movies did he have actors address the audience? I only know of the scene in 8 1/2.

    You will be very very surprised by my hypothesis. I am accumulating references now. Might have it done in January.



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