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Kid With A Movie Camera – In New York

The new blog is on its way – really! But hereby finally a couple of the short films I’ve directed at Columbia up until now. In chronological order – I hope that’s visible :) I’d love to hear what you think! (NB: the final six-minute project of my first semester, Day, is still in the making, expected release: Feb 26th :D)



Joseph Auerbach

October 2010 – 03:36


November 2010 – 04:39

Channel 6 – Breaking News!

December 2010 – 03:32


January 2011 – 01:38



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“Fietsende toeristen zijn verschrikkelijk”

Een straatinterview. Ik ben er altijd wel een voorstander van. Afgelopen maandag werd ik door journaliste Mariska van der Steege op straat aangesproken over mijn grootste frustratie (al kon zij dat niet weten): fietsende toeristen. Hieronder het geslaagde (al zeg ik het zelf) eindresultaat van ons gesprek. Continue reading


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New York Stories (1): Leaving Soon

Een reisverslag.

Hoewel ik met veel plezier de waarbenjij-punt-nu’s van bevriende globetrotters heb gevolgd, zag ik mezelf niet zo snel zoiets beginnen. Natuurlijk had dat er vooral mee te maken dat mijn afgelopen reizen meestal a) niet lang genoeg, b) niet ver genoeg, c) niet Australisch genoeg, en d) niet dramatisch genoeg waren. Daarbij pen ik graag dingen neer, maar niet per se persoonlijke verhalen. Toch heb ik nu de uitgelezen gelegenheid gevonden om me toch maar te wagen aan een serie verhalen op reis. Continue reading


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“Life Lessons”

It seems such a long time ago. That I became Editor-in-Chief of the Dutch student’s media magazine Xi. That I started my studies in Media and Culture (or Film Sciences, as I prefer to call it out of shame for the way too popular original name). That I received my high school diploma. That I made my first film.

No matter how you see it, every approaching end (and I don’t mean to be as dramatic as I sound) makes you reflect the days you left behind. What did I do? What did I achieve? What did I learn? What did I lose? Yes, I know, they are intimidatingly phrased Big Questions, but sometimes it does no harm at all to try and find an answer for yourself to these and other questions, regardless of how insignificant and incomplete your answers may be. And as the sun has finally managed her way through the usual Dutch cloud cover, that self-reflection can be most pleasant. Continue reading

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Starting this Fall in the world's greatest city, at one of the most prestigious universities on the globe! Cheers! =D


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“We can walk to the curb from here.”

A Fellini Movie - "Annie Hall"


As yours truly’s life seems to become more and more NYC-focused, it was only a matter of time for Like The Cast Of A Fellini Movie to transform to an Anglophone weblog. I have to accentuate strongly the incompleteness of this transition, for I will keep on posting Dutch articles and features from time to time. Nevertheless, it seemed only logical to shift focus to the English-speaking world.

But what am I drivelling about? I have to introduce this blog to new readers, that’s what this post’s meant for.

So welcome, dear reader! Continue reading


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The Chalkboard Weekly! [vol. 1, no.3]


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